A rendering tool based on Markdown content, outputting pages with unlimited structure and layout options, suitable for creating websites, product showcases, blogs (Blog), content management systems (CMS), wikis, knowledge bases, and more.

Key Features:

  1. Separation of Data and Page Templates

    Content is based on Markdown text format, combined with traditional directory and tag organization. When rendering, you can specify a template, either using the official default template, modifying an existing one, or creating a new one, providing you with as much production freedom as possible.

  2. Simple and User-Friendly Template System

    • Separation of templates and data
    • Template data sources support remote or local JSON, TOML, YAML files
    • JavaScript script extends templates
    • Support for multilingual (i18n) text, image support
    • Automatic image extraction
    • Rich Builtin Filter and more
  3. Freedom in Site Structure

    Unlike mainstream blog page structures such as homepage, list page, detail page, etc., we generate pages using methods like web crawling, fully relying on the connection between your template and content, providing more flexibility in presentation.

  4. Support for Local Preview

    Preview your content in real-time during creation. Supports hot reloading for template development.